Cans - The Forecourt Project

Since the termination of the agreement with Collect-a-Can in 2015, the ROSE Foundation revised its business model for managing the oily waste collection from the forecourts. At the beginning of 2016, we set up three (3) small businesses to collect the oily waste from forecourts in the three (3) major metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.  The collection of the waste in these areas was subsidised by the ROSE Foundation with the forecourts receiving a free collection service. All collection in other parts of the country remained unsubsidised resulting in an inequitable collection model that benefitted forecourts in the major metros, while all other forecourts were unsubsidised. 

In order to level the playing field, and to treat all forecourts the same irrespective of location, the ROSE Foundation revised its model again in 2019. With effect from 1 September 2019, all forecourts are required to cover the cost of collection of their oily waste. This model still ensures that the oil is collected and disposed in a manner that ensures compliance with waste legislation. 

The collection is done by individual collectors who own and run businesses.  The ROSE Foundation plays a compliance oversight role that ensures that the collectors go about collection, transportation, storage, and recycling in an environmentally responsible manner. 

ROSE supports accredited collectors by providing free collection bags, and waste manifest booklets. We also audit these collectors to ensure that they use road worthy vehicles and that the waste ends up in a plastic recycling factory instead of a landfill site.

We have accredited collectors in major metropolitan around the country. 
Here is our list of collectors for your area:


Collectors list