Cans - The Forecourt Project

In 2015, Collect-a-Can terminated their forecourt collection contract as they had revised their business model. In response, the ROSE Foundation reviewed the forecourt project and put other service providers in place. The revised structure offers a similar service and ensures compliance with waste legislation.

Individual collectors own and run businesses that collect used oil containers from garage forecourts and deliver them to processors for decanting and recycling or disposal.

ROSE provides can collectors with vehicles and has subsidised certain operating costs to assist their businesses in the start-up phase.

In the Johannesburg main metro, collectors work with Oil Separation Solutions (OSS), whereas in Durban collectors work with Anchor Pail & Drum. In Cape Town, CanDo Recycling facilitates can processing.

Anchor Pail & Drum – Arnand / Lerissa - (031) 468 5236

Can Do Recycling – Rodrick Resandt - 063 464 5749

OSS Germiston  Leonard   (011) 824 7580