What is NORA-SA?

The collection and recycling of used oil is a developing business in South Africa, which reduces the environmental risk, and creates employment opportunities for hundreds of collectors and allied businesses throughout the country.

On 23 November 2005, the National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa (NORA-SA) was formed to create a body for the environmental management of the collection, transportation, storage, recycling and utilisation of used oil.

ROSE (Recycling Oil Saves the Environment), funded by the manufacturers and marketers of lubricants in South Africa together with a core group of key stake holders facilitated the formation of NORA-SA. The process began in February 2005 when the majority of the role-players attended a workshop on Used Oil Environmental Management hosted by ROSE. At this workshop the mandate was given for the establishment of an association which would represent the interests of the players in the industry.

Once formed, NORA-SA would operate as an independent body with its own executive and branch committees representing the interests of its membership through funding from its members.


To promote and encourage legal and environmentally responsible collection, storage, recovery and recycling of used lubricating oil in a sustainable and ethical manner in South Africa.


1.Develop the NORA-SA-ROSE relationship through the continuity of leadership and implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding.

2.Raise awareness of NORA-SA’s role within ROSE member companies.

3.Retain and grow NORA-SA membership.

4.Sustain the value chain through Compliance, SME Development and Transformation.

5.Lobby Government to develop enabling and empowering legislation to support the Used Oil Industry.

6.Position the NORA-SA brand amongst relevant stakeholders.