Become a ROSE Approved Collector/Processor

Registration form: application for anyone wishing to register as a collector/bulking point/processor.

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Registration form

Checklist of Applicant Supporting Documents

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Basic Requirements for Bulking Point

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Internal Bulking Point Checklist

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Internal Collector Audit Checklist

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A) How do I become ROSE Foundation Accredited Collector?
  1. You need to obtain an application form from the ROSE Foundation website online ( or request by email:
B) Where do I submit this application form?
  1. After you have completed the application form, you must submit it to the ROSE Environmental Advisor via email:
C) Is that all I need to do?
  1. No, bring proof of following documents:
  • Vehicle documents i.e registration licence and Dangerous Goods operator card etc
  • Drivers licence with valid PRDP-D (of the person who will be driving the vehicle with a GVM of> 3500 kg or loading more than 1000lts of used oil)
  • Training certificates (Fire, First Aid, Oil Spill response and Hazchem or Dangerous Goods if vehicle is 3500 kg GVM)
  • Waste Transport Permit which is obtained from Metro Municipality 

2. Bring your vehicle for an inspection by the ROSE Environmental Advisor

D) What is required during the vehicle inspection?
  1. Your vehicle will be evaluated in terms of an approved standard checklist
  2. The following equipment is required to be present:
  • A 4.5kg powder fire extinguisher with valid expiry date for a vehicle <3.5 ton and 9kg for a truck > 3.5 ton
  • Metal drip tray secured to the vehicle underneath the flow bin
  • Oil Spill kit with all the absorbent material
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Suitable pump and drip tray
  • Suitable container for oily rags
  • Suitable hoses and couplings
  • Static cables where required
  • Shovel and broom
  • Personal protective equipment consisting of gloves, overall, safety boots, face shield, hardhat
E) How long do I need to wait for approval?
  1. Approval will depend on meeting the above mentioned requirements
  2. Your application will be assessed by the ROSE Environmental Advisor
  3. When all requirements have been met you will be approved to operate while waiting for the membership certificate to be issued
F) How will I know that I have been approved as a ROSE Foundation accredited collector?

Once you have been approved, you will be issued with:

  • Annual accreditation certificate
  • Placarding Operational manual
  • Waste Manifest
G) Will I need to sign any mutual agreement or contract?

Yes, you will need to sign the following documents:

  • Code of Conduct Contract with ROSE Foundation for an
  • Environmental incentive
H) Once I become an approved member what must I comply with at all times?
  1. All applicable legislation i.e Waste Act, Road Traffic Act etc
  2. Waste Manifest must be completed correctly with all the required details
  3. ROSE paperwork must be submitted on time for incentive claims
  4. Your vehicle must be roadworthy
  5. You must have all the required equipment on the vehicle
  6. Your vehicle must be neat and tidy
  7. You must attend branch meetings regularly
  8. You must co-operate with the ROSE Environmental Advisor in carrying out the random checklist and audits
  9. Your Operations Manual must have all the relevant documents and checklists
I) What are the benefits of being a ROSE accredited collector:

ROSE accredited collectors receive the following:

  1. An Operations Manual which includes the Dangerous goods guidelines, Operational Procedures and Code of Compliance
  2. A ROSE environmental incentive when collection data is submitted to an approved processor
  3. The chance to improve your business image
  4. Receive training in oil spill clean-up, fire fighting, first aid, Hazchem and business skills
  5. The opportunity to participate in environmental audits to ensure legal compliance
  6. Waste Manifest (safe disposal certificate)
  7. Insurance cover for public liability and spills
  8. Support the objectives of ROSE Foundation for a better South Africa
  9. Safety clothing
  10. The opportunity to engage with relevant authorities eg DEA, GDARD, CoJ etc  

"Working Together for a Pollution Free Environment"