How is used oil recycled in South Africa?

In terms of waste  legislation, used oil is a hazardous substance and must be recycled by licensed collectors and processors.

Generators must safely store used oil in compliant metal or plastic drums and containers.

For small quantities of used oil, the generator must drop off the used oil at designated recycling drop-off points (Ask the ROSE Foundation about closest facilities to you), or at a local medium to large motor workshop, which will have larger scale storage facilities for used oil.

Some municipal refuse sites and agricultural co-ops have oil storage facilities.

Large amounts of used oil should be safely stored until they are collected by ROSE licensed used oil collectors.The collected oil is then taken to a  ROSE licensed processing facility where it is treated in various ways to remove harmful substances.

In South Africa reprocessing used oil into industrial fuel is the most commercially attractive option. The reprocessed product is sold as a substitute for heavy fuel oil that is derived from crude oil.
Several treatment processes are used in South Africa:
• Mechanical separation of contaminants by filtration and centrifuging
• Chemical separation to remove unwanted components
• Thermal refining to improve the quality of the fuel.

Contact the ROSE office on (021) 448 7492 to find out more about ROSE environmentally approved Collectors & Processors.

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Used Oil Generator Guidelines