What do Collectors & Processors Do?

ROSE licensed collectors and processors collect, transport, store, process used oil in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner that is compliant with all current legislation. Collectors must ensure that oil is safely transported and delivered to licensed processors to ensure proper recycling.

Processors use a number of technologies including thermal evaporation, static separation, low and high-speed centrifugation, filtration, blending, distillation, hydrogenation and cracking in order to remove harmful compounds and to obtain a wide range of products from used oil.

Most used oil is processed into industrial heating fuel and in some instances it is re-refined back to base oil.

ROSE licensed collectors can also safely remove related wastes such as used oil filters, oily rags, and oil soaked sawdust for responsible disposal and/or recycling. These added value services allow workshops and manufacturing facilities to ensure they remain compliant with waste legislation.