The foundations were first laid in April 1994 after the government withdrew support for the used oil re-refining industry. Previously lubricants were taxed to subsidize the re-refining of used oil back into lubricating oil.When this subsidy was removed, the major lubricant companies operating in South Africa took it upon themselves to help protect the environment. So they formed the ROSE Foundation to prevent the irresponsible dumping and burning of used lubricating oil. ROSE’s primary objective is to collect as much used lubricating oil as possible and to add as much value to this oil within the strictest environmental standards. Our stated objective is to encourage cleaner production before waste reduction and waste minimisation. Failing that we aim to recycle or reprocess used lube oil into economically valuable products.


Prior to the formation of the ROSE Foundation, the state of the South African used oil industry could only be likened to the ‘Stone Age’.
But the Foundation’s members have taken these stones and used them to build a brighter future for the South African community.
Since ROSE’s formation, our members, the major lubricant companies, have invested over R100 million towards:
• Building used oil storage depots
• Manufacturing used oil mini tanks
• Environmental awareness advertising and stakeholder communications
• Collecting and safely disposing of used oil
• Encouraging collectors and processors of used oil to meet environmental standards


To ensure that all available used lubricating oil and related waste is collected, recycled and managed in an environmentally responsible manner.


We promote and encourage environmentally responsible management of used lubricating oils and related waste in South Africa.


Influence the collection of all collectable used lubricating oils and related waste. Support Government in implementing enabling legislation to
manage used oil and related waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Continue to create an awareness that used oil is a hazardous waste.
Members to influence the behaviour of their customers in the management of used oil. Develop sustainable partnerships with groups that have
similar objectives. Raise awareness of ROSE’s role and initiatives within member companies. Expand the enviro-centre concept and the number of drop
off sites nationally. Roll out bulking points in outlying areas.


Conduct our business in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of the broader community. Work with Government in developing environmental laws, regulations and standards. Facilitate compliance with all relevant legislation and practice good corporate governance. Develop sustainable partnerships with organisations who are committed to meeting environmental and ethical standards. Support the upliftment of historically disadvantaged individuals in the used oil and related waste industries. Make decisions and investments that further ROSE’s environmental objectives. Support initiatives that promote responsible used oil management in other countries where members operate. Review and adopt global best practice in the recycling of used oil and related waste.


The ROSE Foundation is managed by a CEO and supported by a board of seven Directors representing the major lubricant companies of South Africa.

Bubele Nyiba (ROSE)
CEO of the ROSE Foundation

Melanie van Straaten

Nerusha Govender
Representing Total

Annaleen Majid
Representing Engen Petroleum Limited

Tshepo Moabelo
Representing Shell

Esther Seabi
Representing FUCHS Lubricants

Axola Myendeki
Representing Astron Energy

Samson Mkhwanazi
Representing Sasol

The ROSE Foundation is supported by the following lubricant companies in South Africa