African Green Oil joins ROSE

African Green Oil (AGO), a used oil processor that has been in existence since 2008, is the newest member of the ROSE Foundation.  African Green Oil (AGO), a used oil Bulking Point that has been in existence since 2008, is the newest collector/bulking point of the ROSE Foundation.  

AGO was founded by Simon and Jeanette Flicker after they identified a need for an additional processing facility in Cape Town to handle hazardous waste oil.  AGO now boasts three facilities (with additional depots having been established in Port Elizabeth and Sasolburg) and collectively collects more than 3 million litres of waste lubricating oil per year – all of which goes to Technoburn, an ISO registered facility which is also an approved ROSE Processor.  

The Cape Town AGO team is led by Karen Aploon, whilst JP Kruger heads up Sasolburg’s facility, and Anton Jacobs the Port Elizabeth depot. 

AGO state that they felt it had become necessary to affiliate themselves with the ROSE Foundation – as a recognised body within the industry – as the two companies share a common ethos that “every drop counts”.  African Green Oil (AGO), a used oil processor that has been in existence since 2008, is the newest member of the ROSE Foundation. 

“Without regulation, it would be an environmental disaster for our country, and we are proud to be playing our part in ensuring a cradle to grave philosophy,” says Karen Aploon of AGO.  “AGO abides by ISO principles and takes its environmental responsibility very seriously, we pride ourselves on an impeccable level of service and honesty when it comes to dealing with collectors and other role players in the industry.”

“We recently made the decision to empower our regular AGO collectors and have assisted them with new vehicles and now, ROSE membership.  This will give them economic freedom in the future and empower them to expand on their businesses going forward.” 

“We are pleased to have joined the ROSE Foundation, a highly commendable organisation backed by years of efforts championing the responsible collection of used oil in South Africa,” says Aploon.  “The collectors who deliver to us have said that they feel a sense of pride with being affiliated with the ROSE Foundation, as do we.  It gives us all the edge and an advantage over unregistered and unscrupulous collectors who do not intend to dispose of their clients’ oil in the safest way via an approved collector.  It has also given the collectors the ability to provide their clients with the correct and required documentation to assure them of safe disposal of their oil. The support received from ROSE has been generous and we have all been grateful for the assistance with sanitizers, masks, vehicle stickers, training and the Sumpy’s.”

“The Waste industry faces a challenge from unregistered an ill-informed collectors who do not discard their oil in the correct and most environmentally friendly manner, which is via a registered Oil Processor.  Unfortunately, the cost and long timeframes involved with compliance remains high which has led to this situation.  All role players within the industry need to work together to identify such collectors and educate them on the benefits of compliance and the possible environmental impacts of non-compliance.”

“We are very pleased to welcome African Green Oil to the growing ROSE Foundation family and look forward to working with them towards a cleaner environment for future generations,” says Bubele Nyiba, CEO of ROSE.  “It is ROSE’s goal to meaningfully engage with all players in the lubricants sector across South Africa so that together we can ensure our industry is focused on protecting the environment.”